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Every month we ask one of our clients for his or her statement about recruitment and the workings of their sector. What are the trends in different sectors and how do they evolve? Bart Verreydt is Vice President - Regional General Manager EMEA at Owens & Minor Halyard, a leading & innovative global healthcare services company that focuses on infection prevention, surgical solutions that help reduce the toll infections take on patients, clinical staff and result in good hospital care. The O&M Halyard product portfolio holds a wide portfolio such as disposable sterilisation wrap, surgical gowns & drapes, Customised Procedure Trays (CPTs), exam gloves and facial protection. Time for a talk!

“At O&M Halyard EMEA we strive to have a people-oriented culture, because we strongly believe that engaged employees, solid business processes, integrity and a positive company culture, drive happy customers & strong results.”

What are the challenges in your sector or company in terms of recruitment?

Bart Verreydt: 

With moving towards an ever-increasing digital age, we need to be ahead of the game in terms of technological changes and implementing a shorter and more ‘agile’ recruiting methodology while increasing our employer branding. Our advice to companies and hiring managers is to be flexible and to not overlook candidates who do not quite fit the job description. Instead, they should consider candidates with the right ‘cultural fit’ and especially with transferable skills which illustrate the potential to be fast learners who can be trained-up. Investing in employees and driving a people-oriented culture will also help with retention levels.


Do you still use the same strategies of the past or have they changed?

Bart Verreydt:

Our strategies have evolved with the hiring market and I think this essentially results in a swifter talent acquisition process, digital advancements and a better employer brand. The European market experiences a steady economic growth, there is a ‘war for talent’ which causes professionals transitioning and crossing over to new industries successfully. If we do not act fast and our employer brand is not strong we may lose potential talent. We anticipate this through collaborative hiring and increasing our knowledge on new recruitment methods and technologies. Collaborative hiring means involving more people in the hiring process and this results in a stronger ‘cultural fit’, a positive impact on ‘employee experience and engagement’ and better retention of our current workforce!


In times of "war for talent", how do you make the difference and where is your added value?

Bart Verreydt:

Our employer branding strategy of 2019 is to ensure internally & externally, we are actively moving towards an Employer of choice. Currently we are reinforcing our ‘Employee Value Proposition’ by redefining the essence of our business, what we stand for and what makes us unique. We externalize this by communicating which unique set of benefits and flexibility we offer to our employees in exchange for the competencies, abilities and experience they bring to us.

We find that the recruitment turnover time from application to offer requires a shorter timeframe to secure candidates. It has challenged us to shorten the hiring process to attract the right candidates. We have also found that social sites such as LinkedIn are reaching passive candidates and allow for a quick application process. Recruitment doesn’t end with a successful placement; the onboarding of our candidates is essential to show them that we have an invested interest in them and are committed to them succeeding and excelling in their role. Aligning the onboarding process with hiring managers and having close cross-functional collaboration in our company gives the teammate initial engagement and a comprehensive understanding of our company values, we want to ensure our teammates feel valued and are empowered in their role to apply lean changes and make impact on our organisation. As well as new hires we also want all our teammates to know that their opinion is valued, therefore we hold a yearly engagement survey which enables us as a company to create a confident and engaged workforce in a fun work environment.