Looking for key people, executives, specialists and directors for your organisation? You can rely on the expertise of CrossInternational.

We can build on extensive experience in various sectors and positions. We developed our own methodology based on the appreciative inquiry methodology and aiming for a result-driven search. This ensures that we always find the right executive for your organisation. 

This is why you are searching with CrossInternational


  • Own methodology based on "appreciative inquiry"
  • Transparent search process
  • Assessment and development centre tools
  • 20 years of database continuity in combination with new media

How we work

  1. Preparation is key
    • Search contract and service level agreement
    • Explanation of search methodology and code of ethics
    • Determination of job description, search strategy and planning
  2. Recruitment and selection
    • Weekly Updates
    • Selection, interviewing and screening of candidates
    • Presenting and guiding the top candidates
  3. Follow-up
    • Monitoring of the candidate in the post

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