Efficient, fast and solution-oriented

There are three reasons why an interim manager is called upon.

The departure or unforeseen absence of a key person puts your business continuity under pressure. Operations come under increased risk, your organization is under stress. Through a fast yet professional selection, we can provide an interim manager with the necessary knowledge and experience. A solution that very quickly translates the appropriate expertise into the daily practice of your organization and starts the necessary decision-making process again.

But sometimes it may also be necessary to temporarily strengthen your team in order to make a change process run more smoothly: the right interim manager provides your team with new insights, brings new skills into the organization and can thus take an existing management or business unit team to a higher level.

Some projects require specific expertise that you do not have in-house. The right interim manager with the necessary project management experience is essential to get a project realized on time and within the agreed budget. Project managers have a wide range of competences that can only be built up through the necessary experience

Our focus

We focus on assignments, both in Belgium and internationally, for senior positions that require specific expertise with a duration of a few weeks to a few months.

Where do we make the difference: appreciative inquiry

Instead of digging into problems, our interim managers have learned to focus on solutions, through positive analysis or appreciative inquiry. By focusing on positive aspects, more energy and dynamism is created, which has an inspiring and motivating effect.

Our interim managers therefore always start from what is going well, both when replacing a key position and in a change process. This means that the acceptance of the change, either a different person or a new situation, is always easy because of this positive approach.

Our interim managers can also make a quick connection with your organization through appreciative inquiry. They work with respect for the values and DNA of companies.

We work with crystal-clear agreements

Hiring an interim manager starts with a good briefing in which we map out the needs of the organization. In this phase it is important that we accurately estimate the competences, knowledge and experience that are required to complete the assignment successfully.

Within a few days we ensure the first contact between the client and the potential interim manager. During this start-up phase it is assessed whether the interim manager meets the needs of the organization.

If the expert is found suitable, the collaboration starts in the form of an initial meeting or kick-off meeting. From that moment on, the approach resembles project management. The interim manager proposes a plan of action, renewal or change, after which it is either approved or adjusted. After that, the assignment starts and there is regular reporting.

Transparent pricing model

Our added value lies in quickly and accurately finding the right skill set for what you are looking for. The added value of our extensive pool of interim managers lies in the rapid deployment of their capacities and competences with a view to immediate results. Our unique pricing model reflects this and is clear and transparent to all parties involved. 

The added value of interim management

Interim managers can start their job within weeks or even days. This is essential because time is an important factor for a company where a key position is open.

Interim managers are often overqualified for the position they hold. The skills and knowledge they bring are needed to tackle a specific problem or close a knowledge gap. The experience and knowledge allows them to be productive from the first moment.

Interim managers know nothing about the history or conflicts. They can convey their vision unimpeded.

Interim managers can be expected to work very professionally. They not only assume an advisory role, but are responsible for managing an organization.

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