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Telenet believes that data makes better decisions. During the current data-revolution, they’ve seen multiple technology waves that allow them to execute on this vision. The Internet of Things allows them to measure, Big Data allows them to process and Artificial Intelligence helps them to make sense of it all. These technologies are only tools, which is why they want to invest in people that can make data accessible, understandable and actionable. No data staying in stuffy data warehouses, no algorithms running solely on the laptops of data scientists, but insights delivered to actual decision makers in a clear way through reports, websites and apps. They take end-to-end responsibility in creating, delivering and running these products. They do this in an agile way, creating products that provide clear value to their users.


Telenet has a unique position to deliver on this vision with its large customer base, strong brand and IoT-enabled network. Being a larger company, they need people that are able to create value through collaboration and see challenge in the multitude of their product landscape. As a Big Data Engineer, you will become part of a team of motivated people, making decisions better through data.

If this sounds like a nice proposition, here is what they will offer you and what you should have in store.



• You focus on creating value and provide structured information to business stakeholders so they can make better decisions

• You take a pivotal role in the big data development of challenging projects processing billions of records per day

• You love collaboration and transferring your knowledge to the other Data Engineers in the team

• You enter a dynamic Scrum Team with a go-getter mentality



• (Big Data) Technologies:  When people ask you which technologies you are proficient in, you answer: learning (because you know that the answer will constantly chance). When asked again, you answer: Spark, Spark Streaming, Kafka, Hadoop. You are interested to learn about Avro, Prometheus, Grafana, HBase, Kudu and Elasticsearch.

• Writing production code: You take pride in writing stable code.

• Running production code: You test and document your code because you know you’ll need to clean up the mess otherwise. Monitoring allows you to easily pinpoint issues. (Data makes better decisions)

• Cloud: You love cloud since it allows you to achieve speed and flexibility in creating value with data

• Pragmatic and Driven: You live by 80/20 but know when to go for 100

• Data ethics: With great power comes great responsibility. Privacy and ethics are top of mind.

• Data Visualization: Knowing how to turn data into insights by using the right, compelling visuals, underpinning your key message, is a plus.

• Business acumen: You are able to quickly grasp new business processes and have an aptitude for identifying the best ways to improve or enable those, using data.

• Languages: You are fluent in English, with knowledge of Dutch being a strong asset.


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