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The way oxygen is administered to patients in hospitals world-wide, has remained the same for over a 100 years. Except here in Flanders, where 20 hospitals are leading the way and using Oxypoint’s innovative oxygen flowmeter (O2COMFORTTM flowmeter) today already!

Who are they? Oxypoint is an energetic start-up, active in the MedTech industry. Their roots lie firmly with the University of Antwerp, of which they spun out in 2011. With their multidisciplinary team they improve oxygen therapy in hospitals. They have developed a new way to administer oxygen and improve not only patient comfort but also achieve substantial savings for the hospital and the general healthcare costs. They are proud that they can achieve this innovation by bringing together the insights, experiences and creativity of people within an open, stimulating environment.

Now that they have signed up more than 20 hospitals in Flanders, they want to expand geographically in Belgium and in the rest of Europe. In order to allow for this expansion the team must grow also. Therefore Oxypoint is looking for a Benelux Sales Expert.



As a Sales Expert you will be an important part of the sales team, generating sales-leads and closing deals in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


Your main tasks and responsibilities:

• Account relationship development and business development in the Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg territory.

• You are responsible for the primary sales contact, mainly in hospitals and clinics.

• You are able to identify key stakeholders and KOL and align them in order to get the job done.

• You are responsible for the contract and price negotiations and contract management.

• You identify actual needs and problems of your client and help them generate business opportunities.

• You train the nursing staff in adequate usage of the product to accelerate new business implementations.

• You drive education with customers to differentiate the Oxypoint product from other solutions.



Amongst others, these are some of the things we hope to find in a candidate:

• Drive. You get energy from working in the MedTech sector and you have gained 5 years of experience selling medical devices in German-speaking countries directly to hospitals or through a   network of distributors.

• Appetite. You are hungry for success. You are a hunter and a door-opener. You know your way around hospitals. Contacting the right person in a hospital is second nature for you.

• Empathy. You display empathy in all your interactions and are able to use this ability persuasively. You feel what is best for all parties concerned. Your empathic nature is the basis for your ability to bring the various decision-takers in hospitals together and get them to decide to purchase the Econo-ComfortTM Flowmeter.

• Affinity with our market sector. You are passionate about healthcare in general and hospital-based care in particular. You understand patient needs and how medical and nursing staff can better address these needs using our product.

• Language skills. Affinity with other cultures and languages is a must. We expect you to be fluent in Dutch and/or French, with the ability to have business conversations, make presentations and conclude business deals in either language and also in English. We welcome your application in Dutch, French or English, but if your mother tongue happens to be another language, this will make your application particularly interesting to us.


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