What is our approach?

The aim is to relieve you of the burden of managing all your talent. The focus is on ensuring that your company can attract the right talent for all your permanent or temporary employees. This makes this approach complementary to our Executive Search activities.

Our approach is unique because of its pragmatism, both for SMEs and multinationals. Even if you only have 10 vacancies a year you can come to us for that too. 

Our approach always has an advisory and implementation phase.
During the advisory phase, a strategic resource plan is drawn up for permanent employees, temporary workers, freelancers and project staff. Subsequently, a recruitment plan is drawn up that is extensively tested and adjusted. SMEs can make use of the SME portfolio in this phase.

The advisory phase

The advisory phase consists of several steps.

  1. A strategic talent acquisition exercise with management: a workshop to define the core profiles in terms of values, personality traits, technical and behavioural competencies and level of knowledge required for the continued success of the company.
  2. A reality check of this core profile: determining whether the profiles described above also correspond with employees who are today identified by the organisation as strong performers.
  3. Supply check: assess the market conformity off the remuneration policy and determine how we can complement it in practice by making optimal use of the correlation between career planning and salary optimisation (company car and other benefits).
  4. Drawing up a talent acquisition plan: determining the most efficient way to get in touch with the core profiles and determining how to make a selection that is as objective as possible. This involves looking at which resources are best deployed: LinkedIn, jobsite, interim channels, reference candidates, ... and also which message is used (employer value proposition and employer brand). Finally, a process is drawn up for a way of selection that is as objective as possible, including the possible use of selection tests.
  5. The implementation of these tools: we make sure that the entire recruitment environment is optimally set up and ensure the transfer to the company via training. This includes placing the necessary orders on behalf of the company (e.g. LinkedIn, suppliers of selection tests) and checking the existing contracts the company holds (e.g. interim offices).

The implementation phase

The implementation phase is the operational roll-out of the advisory phase. There are three possibilities here:

  1. You take over all tasks under your own management
  2. We integrate the process and take on some of the tasks 
  3. We take over the process and work with you on quality and results laid down in a Service Level Agreement and Key Performance Indicators.

Managed solution, only the results count 

If we take over the process from you this will be led by an experienced Talent Acquisition (TA) Manager. The client only has to look at the results: are the goals and KPI's achieved or not? What needs to be done in order to do this was drawn up by the TA manager for the client and of course discussed with the client. This allows the client to fully focus on the core tasks of the company. 

The team is flexible in capacity and competencies
Our occupancy will be adapted in time to the work volume and task content. We can provide 4 roles according to the needs:

  1.  Talent Aquisition Manager
  2.  Senior Recuiter
  3.  Recruiter
  4.  Recruitment Support

The deployment is adjusted to the actual workload in response of the number and complexity of the vacancies.

If you want to know more about our offer, contact Luc Van Dessel.