Marc Ramault

Senior Advisor

Marc Ramault

Marc graduated as a Master in Psychology at the University of Ghent in 1970 and obtained an additional degree in influencing techniques.

Marc worked as a Psychotherapist and Management trainer, and as a specialist in the General Court (Hof van Assisen) for 13 years. In 1984 he made a giant leap in his career by starting VanRam Associates together with Freddy Vanlancker.

When in 1999 VanRam Associates was acquired by TMP Worldwide, he was asked to be Managing Director for the Benelux; a role that he filled with brilliance up to and including 2002. He became Partner at CrossInternational in 2003.

Through years of national and international experience and in-depth knowledge of various sectors, Marc is frequently asked by our customers for senior top professional executive searches and for advice on business / company / HR strategy.

Marc is passionate about it to continually improve customer satisfaction.